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Maintaining Tradition: Eating in Mexico

When people think Mexican food it is often the same old things that are brought to mind: tacos, burritos, enchiladas..ect. Yet Mexican food is so much more than these things and has a rich history dating back thousands of years to when pre-Colombian peoples ruled large-scale empires in what is now Mexico and Central America,… Continue reading Maintaining Tradition: Eating in Mexico

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A Mexican in China: Between different and familiar

"你是印度人还是巴基斯坦人?" translating to "are you Indian or Pakistani" is what I'd often be asked while I was in China. Despite studying at Peking University with plenty of other foreigners, I still stood out in China due to not looking like the typical 外国人 (foreigner) that is the one that Chinese people often associate with students… Continue reading A Mexican in China: Between different and familiar


Los San Patricios: Irish in Mexico

I once heard from someone that "Mexicans and Irish are brothers and sisters separated by an ocean".  At first I didn't really understand the comparison but if you come to understand the history and culture of both countries, it's actually quite a striking statement. In 1640, moved by the plight of African slaves and mistreatment… Continue reading Los San Patricios: Irish in Mexico