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The Immigrant Struggle: Japanese in Brazil

Latin America is a land of distinct peoples despite what some people might believe. Brazil alone has been host to numerous groups such as Italians, Portuguese, Germans and Syrian-Lebanese. Though by and large one of the largest and influential has been the country's Japanese population. So numerous has it been in fact that only Japan… Continue reading The Immigrant Struggle: Japanese in Brazil


Hiking Cristo Redentor: Because It’s Cheaper

I've seen it in films and documentaries, in postcards and photos but it's another thing entirely to be there in person and to stand in awe at the architectural marvel that is Cristo Redentor. What you don't often hear though is how to get there but personally I find it equally as important since the… Continue reading Hiking Cristo Redentor: Because It’s Cheaper


Designing Future Cities: Brasilia

Imagine if you will a city of the future. What does it look like? What characteristics and features would it have? For many the well-laid out and carefully planned capital of Brasilia with its monuments, wide avenues, modernist architecture and efficient transportation might be close to the answer. It looks like an airplane if looked… Continue reading Designing Future Cities: Brasilia