Zumbi: The Afro-Brazilian Spartacus

If you know anything of Roman history then the name Spartacus might be familiar, the slave that led a decades long uprising against the Roman Empire but ultimately was put down once the Roman legions defeated the slave uprising. Much in the same way, Zumbi was a slave in the Portuguese Empire's colony in Brazil… Continue reading Zumbi: The Afro-Brazilian Spartacus


A Bolivariar: Frustration, Protests and Tear Gas

Colombia has improved a lot and violence dropped significantly since the end of drug wars and the recent peace talks between the government and FARC. However decades of violence do not simply go away, the state and its security forces still continue to have a heavy handed response even for peaceful demonstrations. Frustration at the… Continue reading A Bolivariar: Frustration, Protests and Tear Gas


Strange Shores: Slavery and Freedom in Cartagena

There's few cities that are more full of color and life at every turn than Cartagena de Indias. Yet despite a colorful facade, it's also important to note that the city has had a dark history with a long legacy of slavery. Today the city is the vibrant heart of Afro-Colombian culture which has survived… Continue reading Strange Shores: Slavery and Freedom in Cartagena


Violence, Resilience and Future: Medellin

Medellin, you might've heard of it. At one time in history it was considered the murder capital of the world. It was here that Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel permeated virtually every aspect of life from street vendors to high-ranking officials. But despite the violence of it all Medellin survived, it's a story that has not… Continue reading Violence, Resilience and Future: Medellin